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Why do I need a Web Site?

The internet is an extremely efficient and economical means of transmitting information products and services. The growth rate of internet use and e-commerce is staggering - in fact, we are probably experiencing the greatest change to business since the Industrial Revolution. Today many people search for whatever they want on the internet instead of looking in the yellow pages or in the papers, and this trend can only increase when you consider that thousands of people worldwide join the internet every day.

With a website, your company becomes visible to a much larger audience 24 hours a day, worldwide. Over 200,000 UK based companies already have a web presence. A website provides instant access to information about your company, whether it be your products or just your phone number. It can be on 'online brochure', it can sell your products direct or it can just have some information about your company. A Website can be purchased for less than an advertisement on local radio but, unlike a radio advertisement, a Website is there 24 hours a day 365 days a year with the possibility of reaching millions of people every day. Your customers are able to contact you outside of your normal business hours and with an E-Commerce site you can even make sales when you're closed.

How do I get online?

Many people think because they have registered their domain name - that's it, they're online. Even if you have your domain name, it still has to be hosted somewhere. As with most things, the cheapest option may not be the best. You may be offered 'free web space', which is fine if you're wanting a modest web presence or a personal website, but if it's for your company and you're expecting many people to visit your site, it may not be worth the risk. They may charge extra for more bandwidth (if you get a lot of 'hits'), and the connection to the web space may be unstable with too many people using it.

We recommend 1&1, an established Internet Provider, who have proved over the years to be very reliable. Alternatively, you may have web space available with your own Internet Provider, in which case we just need to know the Host, Username, and Password to upload your website to your web space.

What about Search Engines?

Promoting your website is one of the most important aspects of the whole design package. After all, what good is it having a fantastic website if nobody can find it. Roughly 85% of all internet users use search engines to find what they're looking for, therefore making sure your site is properly submitted to these search engines is very important. Also targeting countries is a good idea, for example: a small hotel wanting to attract more foreign customers would submit their site to a German or Spanish search engine.

Each search engine has a unique way of identifying your web pages and what keywords it will link to your site. There are tricks that we have learned that will put your site where it will be found quickly. Tekrite will automatically optimise your new website for most search engines, and submit it to the top sites.


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