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Web Site Design

Our web site design and development services cover all aspects of web site design and building, from analysing, structuring and producing the actual content, to details such as search engine optimisation.

A business site on the Internet offers you the opportunity to interact on a world wide scale, to increase avenues of business promotion and is a relatively low cost advertising medium. Having a strong web presence, however small, means you are reaching a global market that is expanding rapidly every day. It is your shop window to the world.

We can make your site as simple or complicated as you like. We will advise you on the best options and alternatives to suit your budget. Each of our websites is custom designed to suit your particular requirements and specifications.

When a website is designed many things have to be considered, things such as:

  • how long will the pages take to load
  • does the site reflect the company image
  • is it easy to navigate around
  • will the site be easy to update in the future.


We believe in function over form - Straightforward easy-to-use functional designs, with good content to convey the objective of the site. Your website should load quickly, have good aesthetics, and be compatible with all browser types. It shouldn't take more than 3 seconds to find the focus of a page or 3 mouse clicks to cross a link. We avoid over-complexity. A site must be simple if you're to ensure fast, full optimisation of your web site for 'normal' people - Your customers.

These are of course only a few of the considerations. The main point is that its not enough to have a website which only looks brilliant, it has to perform too.

Please contact us for a free quotation.

Web Site Redesign

Do you already have a web site? Is it working well for you? If not, why not ask us to have a look !?

Perhaps your content is a little dated, your graphics take too long to load, your navigation is difficult to understand, or you need to add some interactive features. We will be more than happy to browse over your site and provide you with some friendly advice on improvements you could consider. We'll even provide a free quote for implementing the changes.


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