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Promoting your website is one of the most important aspects of the whole design package. After all, what good is it having a fantastic website if nobody can find it.

Roughly 85% of all internet users use search engines to find what they're looking for, therefore making sure your site is properly submitted to these search engines is very important. Also targeting countries is a good idea, for example: a small hotel wanting to attract more foreign customers would submit their site to a German or Spanish search engine.

Each search engine has a unique way of identifying your web pages and what keywords it will link to your site. There are tricks that we have learned that will put your site where it will be found quickly.

If you've been on the Web for more than five minutes, you will have had at least a few unsolicited emails from dubious individuals along the lines of:

"Your customers can't find you! We GUARANTEE you a TOP TEN listing on all the major search engines... Send your cheque to... "

Avoid them like the plague. They probably can get you a top ten listing, but not for any useful keywords. For example, they'll show you your top listing for a search string of "Your Company Name" but no casual user will ever use that exact search string, so it won't bring you any traffic. Besides, if they managed to find you online, surely your customers will mange to find you too.

Initial web site promotion from Tekrite includes individual submission to the major search engines. Additional search engine submissions can be arranged later.

Please note, we cannot guarantee search engines will accept submissions - especially Yahoo - nor do we have any influence over the time between submitting your site and it being listed.

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